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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP




Dr Mark Ramsden

SSRMP Director



Dr Matthew Sparkes

SSRMP Teaching Associate




Ms Siobhan Hoffmann-Heap

Chief Secretary
Working hours: Mon-Wed from 9-5

(NB. "Siobhan" is pronounced thus...)


Mrs Jolanda Aldis-Clarke

Administrative Assistant
Working hours: Wed-Fri flexible

Associate Staff

The SSRMP's associate staff are drawn from departments across the University, and further abroad. We are also delighted to count a number of
Cambridge alumni in our roster of external lecturers.

Lecturers, postdocs and PhD students all contribute to the teaching of our wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods modules.

Biological Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences

Physical Sciences


Work with us

Several SSRMP modules employ demonstrators to help students with statistical analysis packages in practical sessions.

There are also opportunities for postdoctoral researchers to work as tutors giving one-to-one support on research methods to postgraduate students.

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