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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


SSRMP Booking Policy - 2023/24

Students with free access

The SSRMP is funded directly via participating social science Departments to ensure that postgraduate researchers are able to access essential training in social science research methods. Through this subsidy, SSRMP courses are offered free of charge to postgraduate students, postdocs and staff in the following participating Departments: 

Priority Departments

  • Criminology (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Education (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Geography (School of Physical Sciences)
  • History (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Land Economy (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Linguistics (School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Music (School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Politics and International Studies (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Social Anthropology (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Psychology (School of Biological Sciences)
  • Sociology (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

SSRMP courses are also offered free to charge to postgraduate students from Anglia Ruskin University, as a collaborating partner institution, and to Universities within the CAM DTP network

Students on a charged-for basis

Postgraduate researchers from the Clinical School, non-School institutions and Colleges are welcome to access training on a charged-for basis – further information is provided below. 

University of Cambridge students can book modules directly through the University Training and Booking System [see ‘Making a booking']. Please make sure you have read the SSRMP Statement of Student Responsibilities before making your booking.  

To determine whether or not your booking should be free, or charged-for, we ask you for your Department and a Cambridge CRS ID. The system will then either accept your booking (if the former), or route you through to an external booking facility (if the latter). 

Managed bookings (waiting lists) 

In relation to the Basic Statistics Stream, priority booking is managed through a different system. The BSS is offered first to PG students on courses where completion is a condition of their award; other bookings are accepted subject to capacity. If you are not eligible for a priority booking you may find yourself on a waiting list temporarily. We are working hard to provide more access to BSS modules to ensure that all those who wish to participate are able to do so. 

Charges (including for externals) 

We are happy to offer our training as widely as possible, to help social science researchers improve or refresh their skills.  Our pricing policy reflects our intention to be as accessible as possible, while needing to recover costs where these are not supported by our University funding. 

The following charges will apply:  


Charge per module (modules consisting of up to 4 hours of duration) 

Charge per set (modules of 5 hours or longer duration) 

Postgraduate students, postdocs or staff from 'charged-for' Departments or Colleges at Cambridge 



Members of other Universities (not including Anglia Ruskin University or CAM DTP affiliated universities)



Members of public and government bodies including NHS and schools, and industry members 




Charged-for bookings will be accepted subject to capacity. The booking fee will be payable at the point of confirmation and will be non-refundable. 

Oversubscribed modules

If you try to make a booking for a module which is full, you will get an email saying you are on the waiting list. If a space becomes available, you will get another email offering you a place. You must accept the place by clicking on the link in the email within 24 hours; if you don’t confirm within this time, you will lose the place and it will go to the next person on the waiting list.