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How do I enrol on my course Moodle page?

All SSRMP modules require a booking to attend, and all Moodle pages are secured until a booking is made. Once you have made a booking, the passcode to self-enrol on your module's Moodle page will be allocated to you in the 'Joining Instructions' part of your 'Booking Confirmation' email. 

We recommend that students enrol onto and explore their course Moodle pages well before their module begins so that they can be sure when their classes take place, and what is expected of them. There are occasionally tasks that take place or online lectures that need watching before the module begins; please make sure that you are prepared. 

NB. Course content should go live around a week before the module commences, but some may be made visible to students, earlier. If your module starts in less than a week and you cannot view the Moodle page, please contact the SSRMP Team, and they will look into it for you.


Ongoing Access to Course Materials

Students will have access to course materials on Moodle until the end of the Easter Term in the academic year in which they make a booking. After that time students will still be able to access an archived snapshot of the Moodle page of courses that they are enrolled on (excluding video content) via the 'Course History' tab on their Moodle dashboard.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is the 'Virtual Learning Environment' (VLE) that the SSRMP uses to deliver online and some parts of our blended courses.

SSRMP lecturers use Moodle to make teaching resources available before, during, and/or after classes, and to make announcements and answer questions.