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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP



The SSRMP uses an online booking system. Before making a booking, please:

Booking Core Modules

The booking system goes live at around 6pm on Thurs 8 October 2020 (the day after the SSRMP induction).

You will need your CRSid, and your Raven password (for students who first enrolled before February 2014) or your combined UIS password (for students who enrolled in or after February 2014). If you don't have a password please speak with your College or contact the Computing Service Helpdesk.

Bookings for Core Modules should be made via our Core Modules List. Click on the module you want and you will be taken to a booking screen. As soon as you book, you will receive an automated email confirming your place. Please note, some modules (specifically the Basic Statistics Stream (BSS)), though not all, have multiple iterations in the Michaelmas and Lent Term.

Booking Basic Statistics Stream Modules

Our Basic Statistics modules are designed as a stream, increasing in difficulty:

  1. Foundations in Applied Statistics (FiAS)
  2. Basic Quantitative Analysis (BQA)
  3. Doing Multivariate Analysis (DMA)
  4. Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA)

If you are an MPhil student from a priority department, you should have received an email in September/early October asking you to complete the Skill Check. Students should complete the Skill Check before the module begins. After receiving the recommendation as to which courses are best suited to them, they should check the timetable using the links for each course, below, and then make their application for a place on the modules of their choice. We strongly recommend that students making booking applications for all modules in the series that they wish to attend, this year (Eg. BQA, DMA, FTMA) at the same time; students will be notified if they do not pass the end-of-module test for the corresponding previous module.

Students should note that they can can only apply to make bookings for these modules. For this reason, Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) modules will appear as 'Not bookable' on the timetable and the standard UTBS booking pages.

Successful bookings on Basic Statistics Stream modules are confirmed by email once they have been arranged on our booking system. (NB. Email confirmations are not immediate for these modules.)
If you have not had an email confirmation by the Tues 20 October 2020, for Michaelmas Term iterations of FiAS, and you were expecting one, please . BQA, DMA, and FTMA confirmations may arrive later; we aim to finish this process as promptly as possible.

In order to ensure that they start at the correct level, students must:

  • EITHER have taken the Skill Check
  • OR have taken (and passed) the end-of-module assessment for the previous module in the Stream.
    (We strongly recommend that students take the assessment since a pass mark is fundamentally important for a large proportion of Tier 1 Departments.)


Foundations in Applied Statistics (FiAS) *
Basic Quantitative Analysis (BQA) *
Doing Multivariate Analysis (DMA) *
Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA)
 * Multiple iterations of the course available in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms.


What next?

Once you have received an email confirming your booking, please make sure that you enrol on the course Moodle page and fulfil the requirements, in good time, well before the first session.