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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


The list below contains links to useful external resources. If you know of an organisation which you think should appear on the list, let us know.

Cambridge Statistics Clinic

A consulting service offering free one-to-one support and advice for those thorny statistical problems.

UK Data Archive

The UK's top repository for all kinds of data: cross-sectional, longitudinal, UK-based, international. If you need data for your research, the UKDA should be your first port of call.

They also have a range of online training modules:
Introductory Data Skills: Training modules from the UK Data Archive

Call for Participants

This handy website keeps a register of people who are willing to participate in research and experiments. If you need volunteers for your research, this is the place to find them. And you can also sign up to participate in other people's research projects.

The University Information Service

Provides several useful courses, usually including courses in software packages such as Stata and R. The UIS also manage the Titan Rooms on the New Museums Site. These computer labs are usually accessible from 8am until 8pm, all week (including weekends). 

Please note: Titan Rooms are usually booked out for courses, during weekdays. When classes are being held in them, those classes take priority so ad hoc students should not try to get a computer station in a room when it is in use. 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning resource available for the staff and students of the University of Cambridge and its colleges.

Please go to the LinkedIn Learning Hub for information about getting started and recommended courses.


Cambridge University ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership events

Cambridge University's ESRC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership provides a full programme of events and training. Almost all of these are open to students across the social sciences, not just ESRC-funded students.

Cambridge University AHRC Doctoral Training Programme events

Social scientists may be interested in the training offered by the University's AHRC-funded DTP. Check our list of Open Access Courses to see which of their events are open to students outside the School of Arts and Humanities.

Researcher Development

The Researcher Development team provides a range of professional development programmes for doctoral students and postdocs, with particular emphasis on completing the dissertation and writing, navigating the academic landscape, working relationships, and leadership. There are bespoke programmes for researchers in the humanities & social sciences or STEMM, as well as interdisciplinary sessions open to all.

Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning

The Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning [CCTL] provides specialist educational development support across the collegiate University. This includes courses for new supervisors of undergraduates and postgraduates, the Teaching Associate Programme leading to accreditation by the Higher Education Academy, and the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.

MRC Biostatistics Unit Short Courses

The MRC Biostatistics Unit often offers short costs (£) throughout the year. 2018 courses include:
  • An Introduction to ‘R’: free software for statistical analysis
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics using BUGS 
  • Mendelian Randomization Course 
For further details about all the courses and to register:
For enquiries, contact the BSU Courses Administrator via:

College-based resources

Most Colleges offer access to statistical software via Managed Cluster Service computers. In addition, many Colleges offer programmes of skills training for postgraduates, which are often open to members of other Colleges. See, for example:

Wolfson College

Ask your college for details about computing facilities.

Research methods training

The organisations below provide specialist methods training which complements our own programme. Please note that the SSRMP can't take responsibility for the content or quality of any external courses.

ESRC National Centre for Research Methods
Essex Summer School
LSE Summer School
Methods for Change