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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


How the Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) works...

Our Basic Statistics modules are designed as a stream, increasing in difficulty:

Foundations in Applied Statistics (FiAS)

Basic Quantitative Analysis (BQA)

3.pngDoing Multivariate Analysis (DMA)

Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA)

Because of this, there is a special booking procedure for these modules.

All students wishing to take BSS modules must:

Students will get their results on completion of the Skill Check; most will want to discuss their choice of courses with their supervisor.



All SSRMP bookings go live on Thursday 8 October at 6pm.

Students must request bookings for the Basic Statistic Stream modules that they want to take. Bookings should be requested after students have watched the Induction Video. Bookings by students in priority departments - for whom Basic Statistics Stream module are mandatory - should be made by Wed 14 Oct 5pm, in the first instance.

For the best chance of securing a place, please request a booking as soon as possible after the booking system goes live. 

NB. Students should request bookings for ALL the modules in the Basic Statistics series (FiAS, BQA, DMA, FTMA) that they wish to attend, at the same time, on the same form.


If you have a change in availability and need to alter the dates you have requested to take the modules on, please do not submit the booking form again as this can create confusion. Email the SSRMP Administrator instead.

PLEASE NOTE: Places are allocated manually. You will not receive an automated confirmation email but your application has been received. It takes a week or two to process the bookings, so please wait for this time period before contacting us with an enquiry about whether you have received a place. We will contact you with your place within a week or two of receiving your application.