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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


Student feedback is very important to us - it lets us know what we are doing well, and how we can improve anything that isn't going well. All students are expected to give feedback for each module. At the end of each module, you will be sent a link to a very short evaluation form. It only takes a few minutes to fill in, and can even be done on a mobile phone.

Success stories....

Just to inspire you, here are some extracts from our feedback over the last couple of years:

"I was absolutely dreading my compulsory statistics courses, but I found the lectures very accessible and interesting. I have learned an enormous amount and am no longer terrified of statistics"

"This module was extremely useful for better interpreting data in academic articles and research. Previously, I did not attempt to read the data section, I would just skip to the conclusion, but now I try to understand the data and the methodology"

"Couldn't fault the course leaders. It is rare to attend advanced methods courses led by such competent communicators"

"Thank you very much for this excellent course. I really hope you will organise it again in the future so that other people can benefit from the excellent teaching"

"A great combination of the theory, contemporary literature, plus practical examples. I really liked the exercises and the focus on how to analyse. Often on courses there is an assumption that you will work out yourself how to do the analysis, so it was really good that this was included in the course"

"The presenter was very engaging and have raised challenging questions and evoked a lively discussion. I especially appreciated how the handout was used as a framework of examples for the sessions, with relvant points and asides being added to it as we went along"

"I am grateful for the chance to have attended this course as there are very few opportunities to learn these methods in the UK ... . This course struck an excellent balance between technical explanation of the methods and practical considerations of their application. Also, following each lecture with an exercise in which participants had to think through examples of practical application was highly effective. I also liked the fact that participants came from a variety of academic disciplines, which made the discussions lively. The instructors were very personable and approachable. The examples they could give from their own experiences were interesting and enlightening."