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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP

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Are all SSRMP modules assessed?

Most of our basic and specialist statistics modules are assessed; most of our qualitative modules are not. Please see our online module descriptions for exact information.

Are the tests compulsory?

The SSRMP doesn't force anyone to take an end-of-module test; however, some Departments insist that their students take end-of-module tests for modules that form part of their overall degree. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand whether you need to take the test or not. The SSRMP cannot advise on this matter.

As our Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) is progressive, we do require that you take the end-of-module test for each module to ensure that you are capable of progressing to the next module in the series.

Even if an end-of-module test is not compulsory for you, we would encourage you to take the test, as a useful measure of your progress.

What do the tests look like?

The Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) modules - and most other quantitative modules - are assessed via online multiple-choice tests, which students take independently in their own time. These are open book tests, so you can refer to your lecture notes or any other resources; however, you are expected to take the test alone and unassisted. You will be given a link to the test after the final session of your module (either by email or via Moodle).

Certain modules may be assessed differently, for example via written assignments or exercises. Your lecturer will give you all necessary information.

Time limits

Normally, a test will go live soon after the end of the final session of the module, and remains live for one week. You are expected to make your own arrangements to take the test during this window.

Tests are set up so you can take them only once.

Exam marks

The pass mark for most SSRMP exams is 50%, and we award a grade of "excellent" for outstanding scores (typically in the top 25% of the cohort).

Marks will be sent to students by the SSRMP Administrator once the exam window has closed and all students have taken the exam. In the case of Tier 1 Departments, we also send Masters-level student marks for basic statistics modules to Graduate Administrators.

In case of problems

If you experience any technical problems with an exam, please:

  • keep calm - in almost all cases when a technical problem arises, only a small number of questions are affected;
  • document the problem by taking a screen shot, mobile phone picture, etc;
  • carry on taking the exam to the end if possible;
  • report the problem to the SSRMP Administrator straight afterwards.