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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


The SSRMP does not provide any form of certification of attendance, or transcripts of marks.

Most of our students don't require certification of the SSRMP modules they have attended. However, if you do need certification for any reason (for example, visiting students sometimes require proof of activities), the Graduate Administrator in your own Department will be able to help. Please note the following:

  • Most quantitative methods modules, including the Basic Statistics Stream (BSS) modules, offer an end of module assessment. If you don't take this exam, your Department cannot and will not offer confirmation of attendance for that module;
  • If you don't provide feedback for a module you have attended, you will not be recorded on the University Training and Booking System (UTBS) as having attended that module, and once again your Department will not be able to confirm that you have attended;
  • If you know in advance that you will require certification of attendance for a module that isn't examined (e.g. if you are a visiting student), please ask your Department's Graduate Administrator for an attendance log. Your lecturer will be able to sign the log at the beginning or end of every session, but will not sign retrospectively.