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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


SSRMP modules

Our core programme consists of five strands

Basic Statistics Stream

Software Packages


Elements of Social Science Research

Qualitative Methods

Choosing your modules

  • Consult your course handbook so you know what SSRMP modules you are required to take. If you have any questions regarding degree requirements please contact the Graduate Administrator in your Department, not the SSRMP;
  • Discuss your choice of modules with your MPhil Director / PhD supervisor;
  • Check that your choices satisfy the requirements of your funding body, if applicable;
  • Take the Skill Check, if you want to take courses from the Basic Statistics Stream;
  • Ensure that you meet any prerequisites for the modules you book;
  • Check your timetable to ensure you can attend. If you have a place on a course and don't use use it, your department will still be charged;
  • Above all, think ahead! If you have to do fieldwork next year, you'll need to get the necessary training this year.


If your Department has a requirement that you attend particular modules which you feel you have already covered, speak to your Supervisor or Director of Graduate Studies. It may be that an alternative module would suit your needs better;

If you find yourself struggling with a module, discuss it with your Supervisor and / or the Lecturer concerned;


What do we offer?

Core modules

These have been specifically designed for the SSRMP, covering research methods applicable across a range of disciplines. Core modules are usually timetabled between 2-6pm Monday-Wednesday; participating departments are aware of SSRMP timetabling and should not generally schedule other events at these times.

Open access modules

These are additional courses taught within participating departments and made available to limited numbers of postgraduates from other departments. These courses tend to be more specialised and discipline-specific than the core courses.