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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


 Ms Siobhan Hoffmann-Heap

Siobhane Heap200

Chief Secretary
Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)

Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods (CUQM)

Job Role

Siobhan is the Chief Secretary of the Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP), a graduate training centre based in the Department of Education that serves students from across the whole University (and beyond), and she also provides administrative support to the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods (CUQM).

Other Interests

Siobhan has wide-ranging experience in events management, academic publishing, public engagement, and project development. She has a MA in History of Art and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where she specialised in Islamic Art, African Literature, and Russian.

In her spare time Siobhan plays the ukelele, reads, throws pots, builds websites, drinks a lot of tea (Earl Grey) and eats as much cake as she can stomach.

In 2017, Siobhan was one of five individuals in the University to win a Professional Services Recognition Scheme Award - a scheme set up highlight and celebrate the very best administrative work across the University. Siobhan was nominated and won the award for her "excellent administration, innovation and responsiveness: her constant drive for improvements lead[ing] to many successful initiatives to support teaching and research in the department". 

Siobhan was also previously the Department of Sociology's Energy and Environment Coordinator (EEC) alongside her colleague Karin Haack, heading up a team which gained Silver, Platinum, and Excellence Green Impact Awards during the 3 years she was in post.


For Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP) queries, and please check the website first; most information relating to the SSRMP business and bookings can be found there.


Siobhan is unavailable on Thursdays and Fridays and works on multiple projects, part-time, so please be aware that she might not be able to respond to your queries immediately; if you email her she will endeavour to do so as soon as possible. 

Chief Secretary, Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)
Administrator, Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods (CUQM)


Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)
184 Hills Road

Awards and Commendations
Professional Services Recognition Scheme Award 2017