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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


Mrs Jolanda Aldis-Clarke  

Administrative Assistant

Job Role

Jolanda is the Administrative Assistant of the Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP), a graduate training centre based in the Department of Education that serves students from across the whole University (and beyond).

She has a BA(Hons) European Social Policy from Anglia Ruskin University.

Other Interests

Jolanda is fluent in English and Dutch and is learning intermediate German at the moment. She also has a basic knowledge of French.

In her spare time Jolanda likes creating mosaics. Please feel free to have a look at her website. She is a member of Cambridge Open Studios. 

She enjoys riding her scooter and is Chief Servant to her two Ragdoll cats.


For Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP) queries, and please check the website first; most information relating to the SSRMP business and bookings can be found there.

Personal email


Basic hours Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, flexible hours.

Position: Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)
Social Sciences Research Methods Programme (SSRMP)
184 Hills Road