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Social Sciences Research Methods Programme | SSRMP


Modules in 2021-22


Once the programme is confirmed and booking open, students should be able to click on a module name to see the course outline and to access the booking portal.

Please note that some dates for these modules are currently unconfirmed, and may change.

Basic Statistics Stream
Introductions to Software Packages
Specialist Statistics Modules
Elements of Social Science Research
Qualitative Methods
Bite-Sized Modules

Basic Statistics Stream

These courses are very popular so we repeat them several times each year. To book a place on one of these modules, please make a request via the dedicated booking form. 


Module start date

Foundations in Applied Statistics (FiAS) Mon 25 Oct 2021 (2 repeats)
Wed 27 Oct 2021 (2 repeats)
Mon 17 Jan 2022 (2 repeats)
Basic Quantitative Analysis (BQA)

Mon 8 Nov 2021 (2 repeats)
Wed 10 Nov 2021 (2 repeats)
Wed 26 Jan 2022 (2 repeats)

Doing Multivariate Analysis (DMA)

Mon 22 Nov 2021
Wed 24 Nov 2021 (2 repeats
Fri 28 Jan 2022

Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA) 1

Tue 8 Feb 2022
Pre-recorded online lecture (2 hours) to be watched prior to the
Live practical Session: 4-6pm 


Tue 15 Feb 2022
Pre-recorded online lecture (2 hours) to be watched prior to the
Live practical Session: 4-6pm

Further Topics in Multivariate Analysis (FTMA) 2

Tue 8 Feb 2022
Tue 15 Feb 2022

Pre-recorded online lectures (4 hours) to be watched prior to the

Tue 22 Feb 2022
Live practical Session: 2-6pm


Introductions to Software Packages


Module start date                      

Agent-based Modelling with Netlogo

Self-study - Online only
(Possibility of some Q&A se


Thu 3 February 2022

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Workshop

Thu 4 November 2021

Introduction to Python

Tue 23 November 2021
Tue 1 March 2022

Introduction to R

Self-study - Online only
(Possibility of some Q&A sessions)

Introduction to Stata Self-study - Online only
(Possibility of some Q&A se
Microsoft Access: Introduction to Database Design and Use Tue 1 March 2022 - TBC
Practical Introduction to MATLAB Programming Mon 18 October 2021


Specialist Statistics


Module start date    

A Critical Analysis of Null Hypothesis Testing and its Alternatives (Including Bayesian Analysis) Wed 9 March 2022
Evaluation Methods Mon 28 February 2022
Factor Analysis  Mon 28 February 2022
Propensity Score Matching Wed 16 February 2022
Meta Analysis  Thu 10 March 2022
Structural Equation Modelling Wed 2 March 2022
Time Series Analysis  Wed 23 February 2022


Elements of Social Science Research


Module start date  

Case Study Methods Tue 9 November 2021  NOW OPEN FOR BOOKING
Thu 2 December 2021
Feminist Research Practice Wed 2 February 2022

Historical Sociological Methods

Thu 28 October 2021
Introduction to Empirical Research

Mon 11 October 2021
Thu 20 Jan 2022

Open Source Investigation for Academics Tue 12 October 2021
Public Policy Analysis Mon 31 January 2022
Research Data Security Q&A - Thu 25 November 2021
Research Ethics in the Social Sciences Mon 18 October 2021
Tue 18 January 2022
Reading and Understanding Statistics

Mon 25 October 2021
Thu 3 February 2022

Survey Research and Design Tue 23 November 2021
Mon 21 February 2022


Qualitative Methods


Module start date                                   

An Overview of Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis Tue 19 October 2021
Conversation and Discourse Analysis Tue 15 February 2022 
Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Wed 27 October 2021
Diary Methodology Mon 7 February 2021
Doing Qualitative Interviews Tue 9 November 2021
Ethnographic Methods Thu 3 February 2022

Philosophical Foundations of Qualitative Methods: Introduction and Overview

Wed 13 October 2021
Qualitative Interviews with Vulnerable Groups Tue 8 February 2022
Qualitative Research Rigour Tue 8 February 2022


Bite-Sized Modules

These modules each deal with a single topic and are taught as a single short session.


Module start date                     

Event History Analysis Mon 14 March 2022
Exploratory Data Analysis and Critiques of Significance Testing Wed 2 March 2022
Issues in Measurement: Validity and Reliability Wed 2 February 2022
Secondary Data Analysis Tue 28 March 2022 - TBC